Thursday, December 24, 2009


OMG... It has been a year.... I began blogging in 2008 when my mom got infected with chikugunya.. she was hospitalized... then later this year... late 2009... very2 late.. I decided to reblogging...

One year has just passed by. It was like in a blink of eyes. In one angle, it seems like I've wasted 2009. Many reasons or proofs to support the statement. I was really in "another world"... I was away for nearly a year.... I didnt get in touch with my intellectuality, creativity... which definitely led to zero productivity....

Alhamdullillah I already woke up from that deep sleep with many nightmares... damn.. I would say that I was nearly in a coma... tapi.. I must move on.. no time to look back.. no time to waste just to

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Childish Game

I love the latest statement by Ku Li in The Star 27 September 2008. He has lambasted the decision of UMNO supreme council to postpone party elections from December 2008 to March 2009. In response, he said "now we know that Malaysia has First World infrastructure and Third World politics, with leaders turning us into a banana republic". For him, transition plan is designed to save AAB & Najib and NOT the country. Deferring will only prolong the saga...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is that all you can do??

Minyak turun 10 sen.... I'm thankful... but again I see it as another gula2. Just like 2008 budget. No concrete measure has been taken to improve our economy so far. Just plans but no implementation.. all cheap talking..

Balik Kampung

It has been quite awhile. Quite busy with writing and presentation. Many things happened last week. Swapping of portfolio, miniature of Operasi Lalang and September 16 movement are amongst the talk of the town. I think change is the core issue. It's all about the dream for change to have better future. But it brings other question pertaining a mode of change.

In my point of view, change must be totaled. It is not enough with just replacing certain individuals. Total change is required over here. To improve economy, social and politics, we must replace the old one with the new. Because change is very much related to culture. To inculcate new culture like good governance, integrity, accountability and democracy, change must be total. There is no two way out for that.

Just to share, I'm going home this afternoon.... just few hours from now... Can't wait to see my mom....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The date has finally arrived... but sadly not the moment. For whatever reasons, I believe that majority are in the mode of change..... I pray.. it will happen... soon..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why they resist to change?

"I feel stupid when I watch Buletin Utama". This has been happening for quite some times. It happens to me when Ministers and leaders of the country keep on trying to fool the people with their words without realizing that people have changed. We are wiser now. But still they keep on playing the racial card.

Nice try Mr Albar, but we are not convinced. As YB LKS said there is no racial or religious tension. Yeah, it is fictional and orchestrated. I would say that the real tension is within BN itself. Between UMNO and Chinese dominated parties like Gerakan & MCA. It is too obvious now, in desperation they gonna resort to racial and religious politics.

It's pathetic when facing the fact that we are ruled by morons. They can't identify the changing demands from the people. I do understand that they still want to stay in power. Then they utilize whatever tools that they have like ISA. It may scare people for awhile. But in a long run they gonna face total rejection.

To be continously relevant as a government with mandate, they should not use force and manipulate enforcement authority. Instead, they should democratize this country....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Social Contract

When mentioning about the above-mentioned subject, most of the social scientists gonna describe it as a deal between the governor and the governed. The people have all the rights to replace the government that can't perform. This is the concept of social contract that is being known worldwide.

However, Malaysia is unique. We are always being that way I guess. We, Malaysians can do things that others unable to do. Social contract in Malaysia is an agreement between races. Between Malays and non-Malays. Last night, I read Chedet, he is concerned with the emergence of the 3rd school of thoughts on Malaysian Social Contract. This time I agree with him.

The 1st one, embraced by those who were being realistic.. there's no way for us to self-determine if we reject it. 2nd one, emerged due to development and globalization. It is due to the higher level of education and exposure toward democracy.

However, the 3rd one.. caused by the existence of certain group that resists to change and can't face the reality of change. Still entrapped by communal cocoon. Thus, these are the people that deserve ISA.....

The Signs

Those signs are all over the place. Matters that being denied before prove to be the truth. BNBBC sent to Taiwan, RPK was detained under ISA instead of Ahmad Ismail, the show-cause letters to Suara Keadilan, The Sun & Sin Chew Jit Poh... and many other signs.. reading those signs are really important.. After years of observing local politics.. since I was in primary schools... There is only one conclusion... UMNO/BN... they never change... It's pathetic.. they are in a globalized world.. it's TINA.. Either you change or you will be swept away by it... UMNO/BN.. u definitely gonna sink!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


1st day puasa was great. I had an opportunity to spend time with family back home. Thank god, I still had a chance to sahur and buka with excellent cooking by my mother. I wish I can spend the whole Ramadhan with her.

2nd day of puasa was bad. It actually began at 9.30 pm in a Transnasional coach that provides 2-2 seating arrangement instead of 2-1. Then, the pvc-made seat made my body aching. That was the worst trip I've ever had. Later during the day, I came late to work. To worsen the day I came late to class and my boss happened to know about it.

3rd day, the morning began with a brief meeting with my boss. She dislikes my attitude of explaining things via e-mail. She doesn't believe in technology I guess.. She prefers meeting or phone calls. Whatever...

I definitely agree I should pay attention on puctuality and time management and I am prepared if people around hate me for that.. but disliking people who utilize the technology... that's insane. Hope, in this Ramadhan, God will distant me from crazy people and God will always protect my sanity.