Thursday, December 24, 2009


OMG... It has been a year.... I began blogging in 2008 when my mom got infected with chikugunya.. she was hospitalized... then later this year... late 2009... very2 late.. I decided to reblogging...

One year has just passed by. It was like in a blink of eyes. In one angle, it seems like I've wasted 2009. Many reasons or proofs to support the statement. I was really in "another world"... I was away for nearly a year.... I didnt get in touch with my intellectuality, creativity... which definitely led to zero productivity....

Alhamdullillah I already woke up from that deep sleep with many nightmares... damn.. I would say that I was nearly in a coma... tapi.. I must move on.. no time to look back.. no time to waste just to

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chikungunya said...

Chikungunya or unknown viral fever
I have Chikungunya fever during December 2009. Doctor describes it as viral fever and give some medicines. Fever gone but the pain persists even after three months. The fever is having all the symptoms that are described in net sites.
The Chikungunya will be there only for three or four days. My fever has gone on fourth day.
It will reach 104 degrees. I have 104 degrees for two days.
Chikungunya ends abruptly for ordinary medicines. I have taken paracetamol and declofenac and the fever ends.
Rheumatic pain will be there even upto six months. I am still have pain even after three months.
It is epidemic and spreads quickly. During december and january in my town alone each and every house has four or five patients.
But doctors say this is not Chikungunya but an unknown viral fever. Government doctors also repeat the same. One doctor describes it as a cross breeding of denque and Chikungunya.
So it is undoubtedly the notorius Chikungunya. But even the newspapers and TV channels describe it as unknown viral fever. Government declares that there is an unidentified viral fever and it is not Chikungunya and research is going on to find what it is.
But according to common men who is standing with the knee bending it is Chikungunya and say “I am having Chikungunya for the past three months” when they describe their sufferings.
My doubt is why the media and the Government hesitate to declare that it is Chikungunya.
Whether the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) will declare the country as ugly country if it has Chikungunya?
Or whether the World Bank will refuse to give loans to the country if Chikungunya is there in that country?
Or whether the opposing party members will cry that the Government has failed to control an epidemic decease in Parliament and in Assembly?
God only knows.....
But the pain and the doubt persist............